Crow producer moving forward with adaptation of graphic novel Feeding Ground

You guys ever hear about a graphic novel called FEEDING GROUND? You know, that comic about illegal immigrants. Seriously...

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog has CROW producer Edward R. Pressman snatching up the rights to Archaia Entertainment’s graphic novel FEEDING GROUND. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has already been tapped to direct a script penned by Carlos Coto. The comic, which was created by Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski and Chris Mangun, reads a little something like this:

The story tells of an illegal immigrant trafficker -- a “coyote,” in cross-border parlance -- who is forced to smuggle his own family into America after his young brother runs afoul of a local gangster. With the cartel on his heels and U.S. Border Patrol agents bearing down from the other side, the family is trapped in the no-man’s land known as the Devil’s Highway and discovers the entire party is being stalked by supernatural creatures.

Man that sucks... FEEDING GROUND was released, both in English and Spanish, last year to strong reviews. Plans are to keep an authentic air with much of the dialogue from the Latino characters in Spanish, with the American side speaking English. Works for me!

We'll of course be keeping a lookout for more on FEEDING GROUND in the coming weeks so be sure to check back soon for that as it comes our way.

Extra Tidbit: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's only directing credits include episodes of "American Horror Story" and "Glee," the latter of which stars Lea Michele (above).
Source: Heat Vision



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