Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead will hit U.S. theaters via Outsider Pictures

Outsider Pictures today announced the acquisition of the international hit JUAN OF THE DEAD, from Guadalajara-based international film sales and distribution company Latinofusion, for US theatrical distribution in the United States.

As previously announced, Focus World, the unique digital distribution initiative owned and operated by Focus Features, will release the movie later in 2012 to EST, iVOD and VOD, along with DVD and other formats.

Outsider Pictures will open the film theatrically in Miami soon after the 29th annual Miami International Film Festival (which takes place March 2 - March 11), in an exclusive run at MDC’s Tower Theater. Additional theaters have not been announced yet.

The plot: Directed by Alejandro Brugues, JUAN OF THE DEAD takes place 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, and a new one is about to begin. That revolution is zombies; filthy, flesh-eating zombies. The Cubans face a large enough challenge dealing with a zombie infestation (allegedly started by U.S.-backed radical groups), but their procrastinating hero Juan (Alexis Díaz de Villegas) has to overcome his lazy lifestyle to save the world.

JUAN OF THE DEAD star Andrea Duro

Extra Tidbit: Will you check out JUAN OF THE DEAD in theaters, or will you wait for DVD/VOD?
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