Cult of Chucky wraps! Coming this Halloween!

The new sequel in the CHILD'S PLAY series CULT OF CHUCKY just wrapped production up in Winnipeg and Don Mancini had this cute little tweet to share with all of us. 

Aw, how sweet.

Anyhow now that production has wrapped I decided to shoot on over to the official Twitter account for CULT OF CHUCKY and I found this tweet sitting atop their feed.

Holy sh*t!  Now some could argue and say "That's not confirmation the new sequel is going to be released on Halloween!" To which I ask: well then what are they getting at here?

"Umm... maybe they just like the word Halloween..."

Yeah, for sure. That's exactly what it is.  Anyhow for the rest of us who aren't paranoid the twitter-sphere is out to trick us, we can take this as (all but) confirmation that the new CHILD'S PLAY film by writer/director Don Mancini will be hitting us just in time for Halloween.

Go to know!  I'm fuc*ing ready!

I'm starting the Cult of Dourif. Wanna join?  Which Dourif? Both.
Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for CULT OF CHUCKY?
Source: Twitter



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