Clip: Dan Stevens dumps Anne Hathaway in Colossal opening scene

Colossal Nacho Vigalondo Anne Hathaway

Nacho Vigalondo's "GODZILLA meets LOST IN TRANSLATION" kaiju movie/arthouse dramedy COLOSSAL is currently playing in select theatres, but even if the film isn't showing on any screens near you, you can still watch its opening scene. That's the latest clip from the film to hit the internet, and it can be viewed below.

COLOSSAL stars Anne Hathaway as 

Gloria, an alcoholic who returns to her hometown after her big city life is washed away by a steady stream of boozy nights and hung-over days. Once there, she reconnects with old friend Oscar but continues to struggle with her self-destructive tendencies, even more so when she discovers that said tendencies are resulting in actual destruction. Somehow, Gloria shares a mental link with a towering creature that’s currently rampaging through Seoul, and she can only control the beast by controlling herself.

In the three and a half minute clip, Gloria returns home from a night out on the town to find that her boyfriend (played by THE GUEST's Dan Stevens) is not very happy with her. There is absolutely no indication in this clip that there are any kaiju shenanigans to come, but you do get to see a couple good actors bounce lines off each other.

Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson co-star in COLOSSAL with Hathaway and Stevens. If you like what you see in the clip below, click over to THIS ARTICLE to see 4 more minutes of clips from the film.

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