Danny Dyer has revenge on his mind in vigilante thriller Vendetta

Looks like a new vigilante is hitting the pavement...

Per Screen Daily, Danny Dyer (above) is set to headline the British vigilante thriller VENDETTA, written and to be directed by Stephen Reynolds (TOMB RAIDER ASCENSION). Chata Pictures is producing, with lensing planned for sometime next year.

Also starring Kate Magowan (STARDUST) and Josef Altin ("Game of Thrones") - VENDETTA centers on a former special ops interrogation officer who has to track down a gang who brutally murdered his parents during a home invasion.

About the casting decision, Chata producer Jonathan Sothcott said:

“I’m delighted to be working with Danny again...As far as I am concerned he’s the most bankable name in independent film. He’s had a quiet few years but his audience hasn’t gone away, as evidenced by the 250,000 followers he’s gained since recently joining Twitter. We’re taking Danny back to basics with this project, having him do what he does best in a stripped-down audience-pleaser that truly delivers.”

Can't ask for more than a stripped down audience pleaser. Makes me want to hit a titty bar pronto! Well done Jon, well done. Now do the same for the flick!

Extra Tidbit: I want a Charlie Brosnson style vigilante flick!
Source: Screen Daily



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