Danny Trejo's The Devil's Rejects character returns in 3 from Hell

The Devil's Rejects Danny Trejo Rob Zombie

Writer/director Rob Zombie certainly knows how to keep his projects in the public eye, even when he's not giving away any details other than cast members. Zombie is the primary source of information for his new film 3 FROM HELL, a sequel to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, and he has been dropping updates on his social media accounts on an almost daily basis. 

The latest 3 FROM HELL update is one of the coolest ones yet: Zombie has revealed that Danny Trejo will be reprising his THE DEVIL'S REJECTS role in the sequel.

Trejo plays Rondo, who was one half of a bounty hunter team called "The Unholy Two" in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. Those guys would track down criminals for a living, but were quite willing to rack up their own body count of innocent victims in the process. Rondo's partner was Billy Ray Snapper, played by Diamond Dallas Page... so now we wait to see if Page is also coming back as Snapper, if Rondo has gone solo since the events of THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, or if he's part of a new bounty hunter team.

Regardless of who he's hanging out with on screen, Trejo is always a great addition to any cast - and a lot of filmmakers tend to agree, as evidenced by the fact that he has over 350 acting credits.

We know that Trejo's 3 FROM HELL co-stars include Austin Stoker, Dee Wallace, Emilio Rivera, Billy Blair, Jeff Daniel Phillips, David Ury, Tom Papa, Dot-Marie Jones, Clint Howard, fellow returning THE DEVIL'S REJECTS actor Daniel Roebuck, and Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie as their characters from CORPSES and REJECTS.

Zombie also worked with Trejo on THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO and the HALLOWEEN remake.

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