Dario Argento & Suspiria cast attend this year's Texas Frightmare convention

Holy sh*t. The master of giallo horror himself, Mr. Dario Argento will be a guest at the upcoming Texas Frightmare horror convention in Dallas Fort Worth! I didn't know the man did horror conventions, but my God, I need to attend this event. 

Too bad I live in Florida. But a) maybe he'll swing by Spooky Empire in Orlando this year, or b) maybe I should just bite the happy bullet of my bank account and purchases ticket to Texas Frightmare. I mean this is (possibly) a once in a lifetime opportunity here. Dario Argento at a horror convention isn't once in a lifetime you may say. Sure, but I haven't told you the whole story yet:

Argento will be joined by SUSPIRIA actresses Stefania Casini (Sara) and Barbara Magnolfi (Olga)!

How fuc*ing cool is that?! This makes a bit of sense the three would be showing up together considering this year marks the 40th anniversary of SUSPIRIA's release in Italy. Now I can only wonder if we will be getting news soon that (gasp) Suzy Bannion herself Jessica Harper, or possibly Dario's ex-wife and SUSPIRIA co-screenwriter Daria Nicolodi (see below), will be joining in on the event.

This is too much for my giallo-obsessed brain to handle. 

For more info on the other celebrities who will be joining in on the fun at this year's Texas Frightmare, or to purchase your tickets to the event, head on over to their official site right HERE. The festival takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas Fort Worth May 5th – 7th

Daria Nicolodi was a knock-out back in the day. Damn.
Extra Tidbit: I truly believe Dario Argento to be an clinically-insane God among men.



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