Dario Argento writing a new horror movie & a book of fairy tales for adults!

Back in March, we let you guys know master of Italian horror cinema Dario Argento was currently working on two new horror projects. At that time there wasn't actually much in the way of news to share, but now DUHD followed up with Argento and gathered (some) more info on the projects.

And they sound... wait for it... killer.

Turns out one of the projects is a film Argento is currently writing with an American writer (who isn't named by Argento at this time). That flick is currently set to be shot in Canada, but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Dario Argento on his new horror film:

I’m writing a new film, along with an American writer, and should be shot in Canada, although it is not sure yet.”

See, told ya.

More interesting, however, is that Mr. Dario Argento is currently writing a book which he says will (like SUSPIRIA) feature "black fairy tales for adults." And boom. There you go. The news that just made every legit horror fan across the globe sh*t his pants in ecstasy (it happens).

Dario Argento on his upcoming book of adult fairy tales:

I’m also writing a book of black fairy tales for adults.”

See, told ya again.

Sorry, this is all the news I have for you guys at the time on the world of new Argento horror, but hell, these tiny tidbits are MORE than enough to keep as all on the edge of our seats until we hear more.

And, no worries, once further word drops on either of these new horror projects from Dario Argento, we will let you guys know asap. Until then, we always have SUSPIRIA (2018) to "look forward to"...

Dario's daughter, Asia Argento

Extra Tidbit: What is YOUR favorite Argento flick?
Source: DUHD



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