Dark Horse is giving out a free digital issue of The Goon

If you haven’t experienced the sublime, hilarious, gory and poignant Eric Powell comic THE GOON, here’s your chance.

Dark Horse is giving out a free digital copy of issue #39, which satirically skewers the comic industry’s ongoing fetish for rebooting superhero funny books (see the cover below). How do you get your issue? Simply ease on down to Dark Horse Comics and sign up for a completely free digital account.

Powell’s comic follows a low level crook-with-a-heart-of-gold, The Goon, and his psychotic sidekick, Franky, as they attempt to rid their streets of zombies, hobos, skunk apes and other paranormal creatures. Needless to say, THE GOON is a kitchen sink horror creation that works, so much so that David Fincher himself is currently developing it into a CGI animated movie. Learn yourself a thing or two about internal bleeding by taking a look at the teasers below and download the comic already, will ya?

Extra Tidbit: The videos feature voice work by Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, respectively.
Source: Dark Horse



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