Dark Sky Films and Snowfort Pictures begin lensing occult tale Starry Eyes

Snowfort Pictures and MPI’s Dark Sky Films announced production is well underway on Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s Hollywood-set occult tale STARRY EYES.  Snowfort Pictures is producing while MPI will handle international sales at the 2013 Cannes Marche du Film, according to Deadline.

Starring ingénue Alex Essoe, the horror story is being described as a contemporary take on movies such as ROSEMARY'S BABY and, interestingly enough, raised its inital round of financing from the crowdfunding site Kickstater. The cast is rounded out by Amanda Fuller, Fabianne Therese, Pat Healy, Shane Coffey, Marc Senter, Nick Simmons and Noah Segan.

The screenplay was penned by Widmyer & Kolsch and developed with the help of Snowfort’s Founder/CEO Travis Stevens who is producing the film.  The writing/directing team previously worked together on POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE: THE CHUCK PALAHNIUK DOCUMENTARY as well as the horror film ABSENCE.  The film is being executive produced by John Jarzemensky, Aaron Koontz, Giles Daoust and Gena Wilbur. 

Widmyer and Kolsch looked to the past for inspiration, stating...

“Starry Eyes utilizes the same approach genre films from the 1970’s used, where the horror stems from the character and what they are going through and where the horror represents the internal working of a character.”

Snowfort's Travis Stevens added...

“We’re setting out to make a scary film for sure—and ‘Starry Eyes’ is as unsettling a film as you can get. But this is also film about a generation who feel entitled to fame, and an industry that feeds off that desire.  And our hope is that the audience will be just as frightened by that dynamic as they are by the stunning special FX make-up.”

Look for more on STARRY EYES soon.

Extra Tidbit: The producers behind STARRY EYES are talking a big game, so let's hope they deliver. Does STARRY EYES sound like it'll be up your alley?
Source: Deadline



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