Darren Lynn Bousman to helm indie sci-fi thriller Apex

THR got the early word that the man behind several SAW films, Darren Lynn Bousman, has been attached to helm an indie sci-fi action film from 2511 Productions. The film, APEX, is being described as PREDATOR meets CALL OF DUTY, which tells us that a lot of shit is going to get blown up all thanks to some aliens. Also, teabagging. Lots of teabagging.

James E. Cavanaugh came up with the idea and wrote the screenplay with an eye on current scientific trends in physics and biology. Whatever that means. So what kind of film can we can expect from APEX? Bousman said he wants to bring back some of that sweet, sweet 1980s movie-style action with the reality and details seen in some of today's war films like LONE SURVIVOR. It sounds like it's going to be a pretty ridiculous little film, and it's always nice to see a director dig up some of that old school inspiration.

Here’s the plot:

APEX tells of a Special Ops team, sent to obtain a WMD from North Korea, that is transported to another world. The team then finds themselves pitted against a dangerous alien race.

Bousman sees Apex as “a love letter to the sci-fi films I grew up watching with my dad such as Alien, Predator, Enemy Mine, Tremors. But I also want it to have the more modern feel of some of the recent video games I am currently playing, like Halo and Call of Duty.” Keep an eye out for more as we get it!

Deborah Ann Woll starred in Bousman’s MOTHER’S DAY

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Source: THR



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