Darren Lynn Bousman's latest, The Barrens, gets release info

I often find myself wondering what became of splat pack alumni Darren Lynn Bousman. While I admire that the guy has stuck to the independent horror circuit, I can’t help but think he could be making a living in the mainstream. I mean, did he dump all the cred built from his successful stint in the SAW franchise on REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA or what? If nothing else, his sustained indie career allows the man the freedom to make awesome looking creature features like THE BARRENS, which has finally received an official Blu-ray/DVD announcement courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The Jersey Devil film, starring Stephen Moyer (TRUE BLOOD), Mia Kirshner (THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS, pictured below), and Erik Knudsen (SCREAM 4), will be getting an official release on October 9th on DVD and Blu-ray + DVD combo pack (pictured below). Special features announced include a deleted scene and audio commentary with Bousman and cinematographer Joseph White.

No trailer or footage has yet been released for the film (at least that I’ve found), but word is the will film will see an initial limited theatrical release, with the possibility of supplemental theater distribution as dictated by Tugg fan demand. Check out the synopsis and artwork below to start piecing the mystery of THE BARRENS together, and maybe consider demanding it come to your own home town.

"Despite their reluctance, Richard Vinyard takes his wife, Cynthia; their young son, Danny; and his teenage daughter, Sadie to the Pine Barrens for a long weekend of camping and family bonding. As they arrive at the Wharton State Forest, a mutilated deer runs out into the road, nearly colliding with the Vinyard's car. Later that evening, another bloodied animal falls from a tree. Bad turns to worse when, in the middle of the night, a college boy camping nearby disappears into the woods. Nevertheless, Richard presses the family to hike further into the forest to the spot where he used to camp with his father. He is feverish, and a past wound on his arm appears badly infected, but when it begins to rain, there is no turning back. Richard's sickness soon becomes debilitating; his headaches turn to hallucinations. What's worse, he believes there is something stalking them…something with yellow eyes, pointed horns, and the wings of a bat - THE JERSEY DEVIL. The disfigured bodies of the missing camper and another college boy soon turn up. The Vinyards must fight for their lives as the horrifying answer reveals itself in a shocking and tragic conclusion."

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else sorta kinda like THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS, knowing full well its a horrible sequel?
Source: Fangoria



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