David Arquette goes all Zardoz on our asses in Orion

Listen, I like David Arquette and have been following his career for many years now. I can appreciate that he's hit the gym to get all lean in preparation for his role in the upcoming sci-fi film ORION. But, for Chrissakes, can someone tell this guy bondage gear and post-apocalyptic wastelands don't mix? Just ask Sean Connery (re: the Burt Reynolds looking mofo pictured above).

Arquette Tweeted the following photos from the set of ORION yesterday and followed it up with a thanks to his personal trainer for helping him get into fighting condition. He did not, however, thank the film's costume designer, whose inspiration seems to be a mixture between the fetish outfits of ZARDOZ and the loinclothed garb of YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE.

I only bring up YOR because 1) it's wonderful and 2) ORION'S plotline sports some major similarities. According to THR Arquette plays a hunter searching for his missing brother in the movie, also starring Lily Cole (Snow White and the Huntsman). However, Arquette pitched the film differently, Tweeting "I am a hunter in the bleak future that has to free a beautiful woman from an evil magician."

Seriously, will someone just tell him it's a YOR remake already? ORION stars the aforementioned Arquette, Cole, and Goran Kostic. Newcomer Asiel Norton is directing. Check out the pictures below, along with a sexy shot of Arquette's ex-wife Courtney Cox. I figure some of you might need a chaser to help wash it down.

Extra Tidbit: Do I have to ask you guys to caption the loincloth pic? Do it in the talkback below!
Source: THRTwitter



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