Cryofilms, 3 new genre projects include The Dark Zone and...

The American Film Market kicks off tomorrow, and as such we've just learned about a cool new production company called Cryofilms. The genre shingle, based out of Europe, is headed by our DEAD SHADOWS pal David Cholewa (writer/director) and César Ducasse (DARK SOULS). Cholewa and Ducasse will be attending the AFM, stirring business for a number of upcoming projects, three of which we have details for below. Check it...

Coming at us first is THE DARK ZONE, which Cholewa is directing as well. We have sales trailer, a sweet promo poster and concept art for the alien yarn below, as well as an intriguing logline:

David and Ryan, two very close brothers, awakes in a dark spaceship after being abducted by a strange alien specie. When the doors of their prison suddenly opens, they seize the chance to escape, and begin the search of their missing mother and sister. Together with a group of survivors, they will fight their way in a mutating and lively spaceship that has many secrets and traps ready to fall upon them. "The Dark Zone" is an original science fiction story packed with action and horror scenes, a crossover between "CUBE "THE THING" and "PITCH BLACK."

As dope as that sounds, Cryofilms has other horror joints in the works as well. Cholewa also directs THE BLACK GATE, a horror-thriller in the vein of Kill List, Prince of Darkness and Judgment Night. César Ducasse follows DARK SOULS with THE KNUCKLERS, a Norwegian-set creature feature in the vein "Gremlins", "The Goonies" or "Critters." Both sound sick as fuck, no?

Until we hear more about those killer sounding projects in weeks and months to come, enter THE DARK ZONE at your own peril...

Extra Tidbit: Which of the 3 are you digging most so far?
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