David Cronenberg to star in Body Art, a metaphysical ghost story

David Cronenberg is stepping out of the director's chair in order to stand in front of the camera for Luca Guadagnino's BODY ART, an adaptation of Dom DeLillo's (COSMOPOLIS) novel "The Body Artist." Isabelle Huppert and Denis Lavant will also star in the ghost story.

The synopsis for DeLillo's book is as follows:

In The Body Artist, DeLillo tells the hallucinatory tale of performance artist Lauren Hartke in the days following the suicide of her husband, filmmaker Rey Robles. Finishing out their lease of a rented house on the coast, living in a self-imposed exile, Lauren discovers a mysterious man in the bedroom upstairs who is able to repeat -- verbatim -- entire conversations she had with her husband before his death but does not seem to know his own name or where he came from.

Paris-based Alfama Films is producing; they produced Cronenberg adaptation of DeLillo's COSMOPOLIS, so BODY ART is something of a follow-up project for the principals.

Shooting on BODY ART should commence soon.

COSMOPOLIS star Sarah Gadon

Extra Tidbit: Cronenberg has acted in plenty of films, including NIGHTBREED, JASON X and his own THE FLY and DEAD RINGERS.
Source: Variety



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