David Duchovny offers small but encouraging X-Files update!

As sci-fi geeks across the globe know, there is a resurrection of "The X-Files" brewing over at Fox. It was initially announced in January that the network was planning on rebooting the classic series; not long after, star David Duchovny confirmed the talk, saying, "Certainly, something's happening." And while we probably have months of agonized waiting to endure before we get a 100% official announcement, we should still grab onto whatever morsels are tossed our way.

In an appearance on the daytime talk show "The Talk" (I've never heard of it either), Duchovny - promoting his new series "Aquarius" - spoke ever-so-slightly about the return of "The X-Files". No, he didn't elaborate on the plans whatsoever, but he did say this:

It looks good, it looks very good... I can't say for sure, but it looks better than it did two weeks ago."

Hey, that's progress! It was roughly two weeks ago when Duchovny gave his "something's happening" proclamation, so this new quote indicates things are moving forward. How fast or slow, we don't know. But they're moving.

You can watch Duchovny share the good news below (around the 1:30 mark). Now c'mon Fox: Give us an official "X-Files" announcement!

Extra Tidbit: How much are you looking forward to the return of "The X-Files"?
Source: The Talk



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