David Duchovny says yes to X-Files; wants to do reboot as a limited series

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Fans have wanted it for years, and now it looks as if it's actually going to happen. That's right, folks...we could very well be seeing the return of the hit Fox series "The X-Files" in the future, and Fox Mulder himself, David Duchovny, has made it known that he's onboard to return...but with a caveat.

Duchovny has made it known that he's more than willing to slip back into Fox Mulder's suit alongside Gillian Anderson (who called fans to action earlier this month to pressure Fox into considering the "X-Files" reboot), but with that good news comes a bit of bad news: Duchovny is only interested in doing a limited series and not a full season.

USA Today reports that Duchovny says that he's "more than happy and excited to bring it back and do it again with (co-star) Gillian (Anderson) and (series creator) Chris (Carter)", but he adds...

"I'm assuming that it will happen sooner rather than later now. We'll see what form, how many (episodes). Certainly I can't nor would I be interested in doing a full season. It will be in some kind of limited form. We're all old, we don't have the energy for a full season."

I'm sure the biggest reason Duchovny can't commit to a full season is because he has other obligations, most notably his starring role in the upcoming NBC series "Aquarius" in which he plays a homicide detective on the trail of Charles Manson in the 1960's before the Tate-LaBianca murders.

Still, I'm excited that Duchovny's onboard for "The X-Files", no matter what form it takes. I'd prefer a full season but beggars can't be choosers, right? I'll take what I can get.

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Source: USA Today



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