David R. Ellis lines up Sprawl, a new horror/thriller for Blumhouse Productions

You got a favorite David R. Ellis flick? CELLULAR perhaps!

Maybe SPRAWL will make the grade. Deadline has it that Ellis (SNAKES ON A PLANE, SHARK NIGHT) has chosen SPRAWL as his next directorial effort, and will do so for Blumhouse Productions. As is usually the case with Jason Blum and crew, a small-budget, high-concept model will no doubt be the case with this one.

Plot details for SPRAWL are next to nil, save for it will indeed be a horror/thriller. Again, with Blumhouse, no surprise there. Production is slated for an early 2013 start.

Just a little about Ellis. Dude actually has a very impressive list of stunt credits for great movies dating back to the 70s. He's only directed 7 features heretofore, but has a bunch of projects floating around on IMDB. Such titles include PARIS I'LL KILL YOU, BAD LUCK, THE HAIL MARY, HOT WATER and easily the best, ZOMBIE BLONDES. Looks like all of those just met the back burner. SPRAWL it is!

Extra Tidbit: Ellis' first flick was Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco (1996).
Source: Deadline



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