David S. Goyer to produce graphic novel adaptation Doctors

The comic book adaptation boom has been very good to screenwriter / producer / director David S. Goyer, who over the last eighteen years has worked with both Marvel and D.C. characters on projects like the BLADE trilogy, the BATMAN BEGINS/DARK KNIGHT trilogy, GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, MAN OF STEEL, and BATMAN V. SUPERMAN. For his next comic adaptation, Goyer is stepping away from superheroes and the two biggest publishers, aiming to produce - through his company Phantom Four Films - a cinematic version of Dash Shaw's Fantagraphics graphic novel DOCTORS.

DOCTORS is set up at 20th Century Fox, with Ben Jacoby (BLEED) working on the script and Mike Cahill (ANOTHER EARTH) on board to direct.

The graphic novel 

follows Dr. Cho, the creator of a new medical breakthrough called Charon, a device that allows his team to enter a dead patient’s consciousness in the form of a memory and bring them back to life. The drawback is that the procedure is traumatic and it only brings the patient back temporarily — but it still proves to be cathartic for some. When a woman asks to bring her mother back to life after a car accident, Dr. Cho and his team unexpectedly encounter a dilemma when her mom doesn’t want to leave her afterlife.

I haven't read Dash Shaw's graphic novel, but the story sounds like it could make for an interesting movie.

Extra Tidbit: Have you read DOCTORS?
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