David Yates no longer hears Your Voice In My Head, who will direct now?

Emma Frost's YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD...yeah, David Yates ain't hearing that shite anymore.

Sad actually, as Deadline points to personal issues of family health for the reason Yates won't take on the Warner Bros.' thriller. Come to think of it, the flick wasn't even green-lit yet, despite Yates recruiting his HARRY POTTER pal Emma Watson (below) to star. At last blush, the great Stanley Tucci had signed on to play a key role in the film as well.

So what now? Will the studio move forward with the flick? Will Watson and Tucci remain onboard? Who can the studio get to direct?

Here's what the job entails:

YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD is about a young woman who self harms and she visits this psychiatrist who helps her to learn to live again. It's got very heightened, odd moments in it that are slightly trippy.

When I think trippy, I think Gaspar Noe. Any chance in hell Warner hires a dude like that? Should they?

Extra Tidbit: Have you read YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD? Who should direct?
Source: Deadline



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