Dead in Tombstone, starring Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke, comes home in October

The last time we wrote about DEAD IN TOMBSTONE, a horror-western starring Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer and Mickey Rourke, was in the spring of 2012, so it's been a little while. I had all but forgotten about the oddity, but it looks like Universal hasn't, as the studio will be unleashing the movie on Blu-ray/DVD on October 8th.

As a ruthless gang overruns a small mining town, they murder their own leader, Guerrero Hernandez (Trejo), in a cold-blooded power grab. Sentenced to eternity in hell, Guerrero finds himself confronted by Satan himself (Rourke), offering a daring proposition: deliver the six souls of his former gang and he will escape damnation. With time running out, he sets out on a brutal rampage to avenge his own death.

DEAD IN TOMBSTONE was directed by Roel Reine (DEATH RACE 2 and 3). Special features include:

Blu-ray Exclusives:

Horses, Guns & Explosions: Discover how some of the jaw dropping stunts were produced.
Roel Reine: The Leader of the Gang: Learn about director Roel Reine's unique style and filming technique.
A Town Transformed: Discover and watch how the town of Tombstone was created.
Creating Hell: The Visual Effects: Explore the exhilarating visual effects.

Blu-ray and DVD features:

Deleted Scenes
Deleted Scenes Monstage
The making of Dead in Tombstone: Go behind the scenes of this action-packed movie and get a glimpse into hell!
Feature Commentary with Director Roel Reine

Check out the trailer below. Pre-order DEAD IN TOMBSTONE on Blu-ray right HERE.

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