Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut looks awesome!

DEADLY PREMONITION is an acquired taste. It's a very cool game, but in an odd way. The open-world mystery/horror game, which came out for the XBOX 360 in early 2010, will make its debut on PlayStation 3 with the upcoming DEADLY PREMONITION: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT.

For those who haven't played it, here's the plot:

"The game gives the player control of FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan (referred to as York), who arrives at the fictional town of Greenvale sent to investigate the murder of a young woman, Anna Graham. York takes on the case due to the manner of the killing; a seemingly ritualistic murder of a young woman where red seeds have been found on or near the body, as this is similar to a series of other murders across the country. Upon arriving in the town, York is greeted by sheriff George Woodman and his deputy Emily Wyatt, who York quickly develops an attraction to. York generates considerable friction with his dismissive attitude toward the locals, bizarre demeanor, and tendency to interrupt conversations to deliver asides to an unseen person he refers to as Zach".

"As the investigation develops, several more women are murdered, the key links between them being the same red seeds and a symbol which York believes is a peace symbol upside-down, and York is regularly ambushed and attacked by a faceless axe-wielding figure wearing a raincoat, as well as a number of mysterious ghost-like shadows..."

The director's cut of the game will have a new prologue, a new epilogue and the controls have been overhauled to make the game-play much better.

DEADLY PREMONITION: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT will see the light of day in April 30th and you can pre-order it right here.

Extra Tidbit: This girl can't decide which version she's going to play...could you help her?
Source: Gamezone



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