Deep Blue Sea & Jaws Quadrilogy hit Netflix September 1st

It's been a while since I gave you guys a heads up on the fright flicks coming to, or currently available on Netflix. My bad. Actually, I told you Spike's THE MIST series hits the service soon so fair enough.

Anyhow, to sum up I like to do these posts because Netflix has a dirty, dirty habit of slapping up quality horror films and not letting anyone know about it. Forcing us horror fans to scroll endlessly through the available films hoping something new hit.

With that in mind today we'd like to share the news that not only is the JAWS QUADRILOGY hitting Netflix next month, but Renny Harlin's killer-shark classic DEEP BLUE SEA is swimming its away to the streaming giant too.

Yep, on September 1st we will be getting JAWS, JAWS 2, JAWS 3, JAWS: THE REVENGE, and DEEP BLUE SEA. That's a lot of shark carnage. But I think we can handle it.

Also in September, Netflix begins streaming THE WALKING DEAD S7, LITTLE EVIL, and director Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's novel GERALD'S GAME, starring Carla Gugino.

Which film are you most excited about checking out (again) this September on Netflix? Let us know by hitting us up in the new comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

The JAWS QUADRIOLGY and DEEP BLUE SEA hit Netflix September 1st.

Extra Tidbit: "Show me the way to go home...my head is like a shark's fin."
Source: Netflix



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