Delusion theater company to produce VR horror series

Delusion VR

If you're at all familiar with the LA theater scene, you're probably familiar with Delusion, an interactive horror theater company that has been putting on immersive, startling performances since 2011. Well, if you're not in the LA area you'll soon be able to experience the terror for yourself.

Delusion is partnering with Dave Alpert and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment to develop a virtual reality horror series from writer-director Jon Braver. They are looking to harness the experience to create a truly unique horror project that isn't limited to the single perspective of film or television.

Said Skybound's Mike Cruz:

There is a lot of similarity between these two mediums. Ultimately, you are creating a little bit of a sandbox for people to look where they want.

The story they're developing is based on the Delusion project "Lies Within," which was:

set in the South of the late 1940s. The VR series will introduce two new characters that follow their favorite author, and offer interactivity and options for viewers to choose their own path.

Production will begin in 2017, although there has been no official announcement about how they will distribute the series. You can find out more about Delusion on their web site!

Witty Acronym is producing alongside Skybound.

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Source: Variety



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