Denis Villeneuve set to helm new feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune

While it has been rumored that resident sci-fi master director Denis Villeneuve (ARRIVAL, BLADE RUNNER 2049) might be taking up the reins of the new cinematic incarnation of Frank Herbert's epic DUNE, today we finally get our (somewhat) official confirmation.

Frank Herbert's son, Brian Herbert, took to Twitter last night and threw this bit of info out there:

That's right. I think we can take the man's word for. It's official. PRISONERS and SICARIO director Denis Villeneuve will indeed be helming DUNE for Legendary Pictures. Are you excited? I sure am. Villeneuve has done nothing but prove, over and over, that he has the chops to take on pretty much any genre and churn out an above-average, to remarkable, viewing experience.

While I will always have a soft-spot for the David Lynch version (the Kyle Maclachlan and Patrick Stewart combo is tough to beat) there are many who were left a little underwhelmed by Lynch's vision of Herbert's tale. I can see that. Sure. If nothing else, maybe even the NEWS of this new adaptation will send peeps out looking for Lynch's classic. That would be reason enough for me to support this "exciting new Dune series film project." Whatever, exactly, that means.

Villeneuve was just nominated for an Academy Award for directing the surprisingly emotional alien-invasion flick ARRIVAL, and is currently slapping the finishing touches onto one of my top anticipated flicks of 2017 (BLADE fu*k yeah RUNNER 2049), which is set to hit this October. 

Extra Tidbit: Which Denis Villeneuve flick is your top pick?



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