Derek Mears cast as Swamp Thing!

It was just yesterday that we passed along the news that DC Universe's upcoming SWAMP THING series is aiming to achieve a "hard R" tone with screenwriter Gary Dauberman saying 

... we always set out to make Swamp Thing as hard R as we could and go graphic with the violence, with the adult themes and make it as scary as possible. Because we’re doing it through the DC streaming service, they really pushed us, although they didn’t have to push hard, for us to go as extreme as we could. We really took our inspiration from the Alan Moore run in Swamp Thing, this landmark I think run. Fans of that series will know it gets pretty weird and extreme and scary. We really wanted to live up to that standard that Moore set up back in the ‘80s. 

Dauberman also confirmed that Swamp Thing will be brought to life on the screen by an actor wearing a practical suit, as he was in the films SWAMP THING and THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING, as well as the live-action Swamp Thing series from the early '90s. This version of the character just won't have such an obvious "man in suit" look.

And today we have word that the "man in the suit" this time around may very well be Jason Voorhees himself, Derek Mears. DC has yet to confirm this casting, but if it is true, then Slash Report also says Mears is only set to play the creature, not Dr. Alec Holland. I guess we'll see sooner rather than later. Stay Tuned!

Len Wiseman will be directing the pilot episode and executive producing the series with Dauberman, Verheiden, Michael Clear, and James Wan. SWAMP THING will debut on DC Universe sometime in 2019.

Personally, I think Mears is a perfect bit of casting for the thing from the swamp. I mean, I kinda think Mears is perfect for every role he's cast in, but that's just because I may have a slight man-crush on him. What do you think of Mears as Swamp Thing? Let us know below!

Extra Tidbit: Who should play Dr. Alec Holland in human form?
Source: Slash Report



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