Devilish international trailer for Brazilian horror When I Was Alive

The Devil brings up the past in the supernatural Brazilian horror QUANDO EU ERA VIVO (WHEN I WAS ALIVE), based on the novel by cult writer Lourenço Mutarelli, and today we have the creepy international trailer to share with you.

Directed by Marco Dutra, WHEN I WAS ALIVE centers on...

Junior (Marat Descartes), who, in the wake of a divorce, has no option but to return to his old family apartment to live with his father (Brazilian legend Antônio Fagundes). While he struggles with unemployment and a hard custody battle for his son, Junior develops a crush on his father's young female tenant Bruna (played by pop star Sandy Leah) and becomes obsessed with his own past, only to rediscover a terrible family secret buried in time.

The trailer below is in Portuguese and doesn't have subtitles, but with the above synopsis and the creepy visuals on display in the trailer you shouldn't have a hard time following along. Hopefully we'll be hearing word on a North American deal for this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the trailer for WHEN I WAS ALIVE? Intrigued?



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