Devil's Night: Volumes of Blood 3 heads towards production

All good things come to a grisly end.

As many of you guys probably know well and good by this point in time, I'm a pretty massive fan of the horror anthology series VOLUMES OF BLOOD. I dig the love behind the entries and the general Halloween spirit that both the original film and its sequel VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES present in spades. And thus you might be able to imagine that I'm really looking forward to checking out the upcoming third - and final (yeah, right) - entry in the series, DEVIL’S KNIGHT: VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3. The final installment of the horror anthology franchise is currently searching for and securing directors as well as looking for financing.

The Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign is currently underway, and it features an exclusive poster created by artist Michael Broom (THE WALKING DEAD, AMERICAN HORROR STORY). You can check out the poster below and you can help out the production by contributing to their ongoing IndieGoGo campaign HERE. The third entry follows this synopsis:

On the morning of Halloween, several strangers are arrested for their involvement in multiple atrocities across the city of Owensboro. As each is interrogated by police the horrifying reality of their stories unfolds revealing werewolves, killer children, revenge, retribution and the bloody truth about a relentless serial killer who will stop at nothing to make sure he finishes what he started on Devil’s Night.  

P.J. Starks (10/31, E-DEMON) and Eric Huskisson (THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER) produce.

This blood-soaked finale stars Christopher Bower (THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR), Katie Stewart (THE WICKED ONE), David McMahon (AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: THE SONG OF SOLOMON), Sonya Delormier (ANGEL), Ryan Matthew Ziegler (BUTCHER THE BAKERS), Harper Dawahare (THE RAVE), Patrick Keegan Taft (UNDER THE SURFACE), Lucy Turner (THE CARETAKERS), Todd Reynolds (VOLUMES OF BLOOD), Tiffany Arnold (THE SLEEPER), Daniel Alan Kiely (BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD), Roni Jonah (THE HORNET'S DISCIPLE, THE SCARS SHE LEFT), Jason Crowe (THE BAD MAN), Tyler Riley (SCREAM FOR SUMMER), and Julie Anne Prescott (KILL DOLLY KILL: DEADLY DOLLY 2, CLOWNADO).

You can help out the production by contributing to their ongoing IndieGoGo campaign HERE. And you can keep up to date with this third entry's progress and all things VOLUMES OF BLOOD by following the film on Facebook HERE and over on Twitter HERE. What did you think of the first two entries in the VOLUMES OF BLOOD series and will you be contributing to this IndieGoGo? Let us know below!

Source: IndieGoGo



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