Devil's Pass, formerly known as Dyatlov Pass Incident, gets new trailer

A new trailer for Renny Harlin's upcoming horror flick not only reveals some new scares but also a title change. DEVIL'S PASS (formerly known as DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT) is the film's new title and it certainly rolls off the tongue a bit easier! The film, starring Richard Reid, Matt Stokoe and Holly Goss, is based on a true story and is currently set for an August 23rd release date. I'm really looking forward to checking this one out. It'll be interesting to see how Harlin tackles the found-footage genre and if he found a way to make it stand out from the rest.

The film follows a group of students on a trek to investigate the true life mystery of nine Russian skiers who befell an unexplained death while skiing in the Russian mountains in 1959. To this day, their deaths have been one of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

Watch the new trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys excited to check out DEVIL'S PASS?



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