Director compares Creep 3 to Army of Darkness

As many of you may know by now, I am a big fan of director Patrick Brice's found footage flick CREEP starring Mark Duplass. I even loved the film's sequel CREEP 2. Read our review below.

As you can imagine I was excited as hell when I heard the news there was going to be a CREEP 3.

Well, it turns out the third entry in the franchise isn't a given at this point. Wa-wa. But that said, Brice did mention the potential third film in a recent interview with Phantom Podcast Network.

In the interview, Brice says that if CREEP 3 does come to fruition, that he hopes to make the film his ARMY OF DARKNESS and take the series "kind of off the rails."

Patrick Brice on CREEP 3:

I can neither confirm nor deny [CREEP 3] at this point. But we’re definitely having conversations. I’ve been thinking more and more about it. I like the idea of… Creep 2 is kind of our Evil Dead 2. It was kind of our chance to take a lot of the ideas and themes that we had going through the first movie and then playing on those towards a specific audience. Letting it be funnier. I like the idea of, if we do a third movie, it being our Army of Darkness. Ya know. Going kind of off the rails. We’ll see.

What did you think of CREEP and CREEP 2? Are you down for a third creep-fest? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the new comment section below or on social media!

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Extra Tidbit: Which entry did you like better, CREEP or CREEP 2?



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