Director found to battle alien plants in The Day Of The Triffids

Mike Newell has been set to helm THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, the adaptation of the classic Sci-fi book by John Wyndham that was scripted by Neil Cross for Ghost House Pictures, reports Deadline. Well, it's about damn time! It's nice to finally see some life flowing back into this one because it has plenty of potential with the right talent behind it. Newell appears to be a solid choice for the latest take on the classic material, now let's just hope it actually happens because we could certainly use more good old fashion sci-fi invasion flicks!

After a comet shower blinds most of the world’s population, those with sight must battle alien plants, known as triffids, bent on destroying mankind.

The book was previously turned into a 1962 film and most recently a 2009 miniseries that starred Dougray Scott and Joely Richardson. The film is being produced by Ghost House Pictures, Mark Gordon, Don Murphy, and Michael Preger, and Murphy’s Angry Films partner Susan Montford will be executive producer. Newell is repped by WME. We'll have more on this one as we get it, folks!

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to a new take on THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS? Is Newell a good choice to helm the project?
Source: Deadline



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