Director Jared Cohn to start filming 6ix in May

Jared Cohn, director of the recently released LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD, has been extremely prolific over the last few years. Since his feature directorial career began in 2009, he has chalked up a very impressive 19 films to his name. In addition to LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD, his work has included such titles as HOLD YOUR BREATH, 12/12/12, and ATLANTIC RIM.

Cohn will soon be taking the helm of 6iX, a thriller that is set to begin filming in Chicago in May for release later in 2016.

Nicholas Celozzi wrote the screenplay for 6iX, which 

follows a devout and merciless killer who believes he was born without a soul and seeks to regain it by stealing the “senses” of his victims, using the New Testament Book of Revelation for inspiration. Two detectives are tasked with finding him before it’s too late and six innocent lives are lost.

Celozzi will also be producing the film, along with Jeff Bowler. Celozzi and Bowler were two of the producers involved with the upcoming KICKBOXER remake KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE, which co-stars Cohn's fiancée and frequent cast member Sara Malakul Lane (pictured below).

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Source: Deadline



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