Director of Jason Goes to Hell is producing new slasher Fat Camp Massacre

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Twenty-five years ago, director Adam Marcus brought us one of the most controversial entries in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY (pictured above). Now he's returning to slasher territory with the film FAT CAMP MASSACRE.

Skeleton Crew Productions, the company Marcus founded with Debra Sullivan and Bryan Sexton, is teaming with Heather Olt and Sarah Chaney of 6 With Heels Productions to produce the horror comedy, which has been written by Lindsay Hollister - an actress whose credits include Boston Public, BLUBBERELLA, and the web series Breaking Fat.

Described as "FRIDAY THE 13TH meets MEAN GIRLS", FAT CAMP MASSACRE has the following short synopsis: 

An overweight outcast and a popular cheerleader are forced to attend a weight management camp as a last ditch effort to end their rivalry. There, they have to bury the hatchet when they discover a killer is stalking the camp.

If you want to know more than that, there's also this lengthier synopsis: 

Within the brutal walls of her high school, Margie, the overweight outcast, is perpetually tormented by the pretty, thin and popular, Laura. Margie finally stands up to the bullying and a physical altercation ensues, landing them both in detention. When the school’s efforts fail to resolve their situation, the girls’ weight obsessed mothers decide to send them to a weight management camp for the entire summer. 

While trapped at the secluded camp in the back woods of Ohio, Margie quickly realizes that the scales have finally tipped; she is the popular one and Laura is the outcast.  Tension between Margie and Laura builds; so do the rumors of a fatal prank that shut down the camp years ago.  

As the campers continue to catch eerie glimpses of a shadowy figure stalking the camp, their biggest fears become a reality when a fellow camper is found dead.  As the body count quickly rises, Margie and Laura realize the full weight of the situation - a killer is on the loose.  They must put their hatred aside and work together to get out alive. Fat Camp Massacre… everyone's dying to get thin.

I love the backwoods / camp slashers of the '80s, so this project sounds very appealing to me. I'll be keeping a close eye on the progress of FAT CAMP MASSACRE as it heads toward production, and I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

Extra Tidbit: How does FAT CAMP MASSACRE sound to you?



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