Disappearing airliner mystery Departure takes flight with Billy Ray

Veteran Hollywood screenwriter Billy Ray (VOLCANO, THE HUNGER GAMES) has signed on to write and direct DEPARTURE, a sci-fi mystery inspired by the book "Ghosts of the Air" by Martin Caidin. Good Universe (OLDBOY remake)is executive producing.

Here's the plot:

DEPARTURE follows a brilliant Miami-based FAA investigator who is obsessed with learning how a 727 suddenly vanished into thin air and then reappeared in the exact same spot ten minutes later. As mysterious occurrences continue to occur with increasing frequency in the skies over Miami, the investigation becomes personal when the employee’s beloved wife is on one of the planes affected.

For a little more background, here's the synopsis for "Ghosts of the Air":

Imagine witnessing unexplicable events while piloting a plane thousands of feet in the air. These are real accounts from pilots who have experienced strange phenomena. Landing at an airfield that wasn't there; planes guided by dead pilots; Bermuda Triangle accounts; sightings of aircraft from the past; airfields haunted by airmen killed in action; ghost warning prevents plane crash; more.

We'll update on DEPARTURE as soon as more info comes in.

Source: THR



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