Disturbing new stills from Bind leave a trail of blood behind

We just recent brought you guys the eerie first trailer for Dan Walton's supernatural thriller BIND and now we got our hands on a few disturbing stills from the flick featuring a severed head and bloody intestines — you know, the usual. So far the flick looks very promising and if these new stills are any indication as to what we can expect, I'd say that it's going to be pretty damn wicked.

A family moves into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and is convinced they aren't alone.

Edward Furlong, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Ryan Merriman, Daniel Cudmore, Chelan Simmons, Kevin Gage, PJ Soles and Christa Campbell all star. BIND is still a ways away as it's set for a Spring 2014 release so until then, check out a handful of new stills below!

Extra Tidbit: Think you'll be able to wait until next Spring to check this one out?
Source: AITH



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