Dollface director Tommy Faircloth plots Family Possessions

A 1997 issue of Fangoria introduced me to the works of independent filmmaker Tommy Faircloth with an article on the making of his low budget slasher CRINOLINE HEAD. I ordered a copy of CRINOLINE HEAD immediately, greatly enjoyed it, and began looking forward to seeing anything Faircloth would make in the future. A couple years later, his movie GENERATION AX came along and further solidified my Faircloth fandom. He then began developing a film called FAMILY POSSESSIONS, but it never got made. Faircloth took a long hiatus from filmmaking before returning to the scene with the short film THE CABIN and the CRINOLINE HEAD sequel DOLLFACE.

Now that Faircloth is back, so is FAMILY POSSESSIONS, and after nearly twenty years of wanting to make the movie, the writer/director is ready to finally get it off the ground.

FAMILY POSSESSIONS is a paranormal slasher about 

a young girl named Rachael that inherits her Grandmother's mansion.  Rachael and her family relocate across the country to move into the house, as the father recently lost his job and fell on hard financial times.  Once in this new town and this new house, Rachael begins having paranormal experiences in the house and later finds out a big secret that her mother and father were keeping from her and her younger brother.

DOLLFACE's Leah Wiseman (pictured above in a still from DISMEMBERING CHRISTMAS) is taking on the lead role of Rachael and will be joined in the cast by her DOLLFACE co-stars Jason Vail, Suzie Haines, and Lizzie Mears, as well as THE CABIN's Morgan Monnig, SLEEPAWAY CAMP's Felissa Rose, "party monster" Michael Alig, Erika Edwards, Michael David Wilson, Robert Haulbrook, and Andrew Wicklum.

PIECES OF TALENT director Joe Stauffer will be serving as the director of photography, with the film's practical special effects set to be handled by Tony Rosen, the creator of the ANNABELLE doll.

FAMILY POSSESSIONS will soon be filming in North and South Carolina, and I am very much looking forward to finally getting to see this story play out.

Extra Tidbit: How does FAMILY POSSESSIONS sound to you?
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