Dolph Lundgren fights the undead in new Battle of the Damned clip

I hardly need to set this clip up for you guys as it's essentially a minute and 30 seconds of watching Dolph Lundgren mow down a horde of zombies. Now who doesn't want to watch that?! Anchor Bay Films presents BATTLE OF THE DAMNED, where you can pick your apocalypse – germ warfare, zombie assaults, and/or deadly robots!! With unrelenting action and unyielding suspense, BATTLE OF THE DAMNED commences February 18, 2014 on Blu-ray and DVD. Pre-order your copy of the flick right HERE.

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In the near future on the outskirts of civilization a remote test facility lays in ruin following a catastrophic security breach. The breach led to a viral outbreak that left thousands dead or mutated. All that remains are a handful of survivors, their small armory of weapons and a fleet of the infected. Led by private military operative Max Gatling (Lundgren), they fight the infected and soon learn there are bands of malfunctioning prototype robots also on the march and they are armed and incredibly dangerous.

Christopher Hatton directed from his own script, and also produced with Ehud Bleiberg and Leon Tong. BATTLE OF THE DAMNED also stars David Field, Matt Doran and Melanie Zanetti. Dig up the clip below!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be adding this one to your collection?



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