Dolph Lundgren means business in new Stash House still

The trailer for After Dark Action's STASH HOUSE hit the web but a few days ago and already we've got a new pic from the movie, showing John Huertas and a seemingly not-too-amused Dolph Lundgren. Check out the image (released via Mr. Lundgren's own FaceBook page) below.

For her birthday, Dave Nash buys his wife, Emma, a beautiful foreclosed home. Gated, serene, and surrounded by friendly neighbors, it seems too good to be true… and it is. Dave and Emma soon discover the walls are lined with bricks of heroin. Before they can leave, cartel thugs trap them inside. Imprisoned in their own home, Dave and Emma withstand relentless attacks from thugs seeking to plunder the “stash house” of its riches. As the deaths of innocent bystanders mount, and they come ever closer to losing one another, Dave decides to take matters into his own hands...

STASH HOUSE stars Lundgren, Huertas, Briana Evigan (below), Sean Faris and Alyshia Ochse. The movie comes out on May 11th, along with the four other After Dark Action entries, theatrically and On Demand.



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