Donnie Darko's Beth Grant strolls down NBC's "Mockingbird Lane"

"I seriously doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!"

Such are the words I'll always remember great character actress Beth Grant for, doing so in humorous fashion in DONNIE DARKO. But I digress...

Grant (above), who has transitioned seamlessly to TV, just won a neighborly role in NBC's "Mockingbird Lane." Word is she'll play Maryanne, a forty-something woman who uses a wheelchair and is very suspicious of her creepy new neighbors.

Wow, Beth Grant in a wheelchair? I'm already scared!

Also starring Cheyenne Jackson, Portia de Rossi (below), Jerry O'Connell, Eddie Izzard, Mason Cook and Charity Wakefield:

The madness begins when a baby bear attacks a scouting trip, only it turns out that this "bear" is actually Eddie transformed into a werewolf. Eddie is unaware of his metamorphosis and it forces the family to move in order to protect the family secret. The coming of age story gets weirder as he fights against his family when he learns of a shocker: they're a family of flesh-eaters!

You think the cast can make this thing work?

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Beth Grant role?
Source: TV Line



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