Don't wait until July - Watch the first episode of NBC's horror-reality Siberia now!

Did you catch the previews for NBC's upcoming summer faux-reality series "Siberia" during viewings of "Hannibal"? Looked pretty intriguing, huh? It kind of gave off a "Survivor" meets "Lost" vibe, but with more horror elements thrown in for good measure. While the series about a reality show set in a remote Russian location where things go horribly, terrifyingly wrong, does not officially debut until Monday, July 1 on the Peacock network, you can watch the pilot episode early right here!

While it promises to get scarier and stranger as it goes, "Siberia" begins with a simple game and a compelling cast of characters. Come for the reality show, stay for the descent into horrifying madness.

"Siberia" episode 1x01 - 'Pilot'

INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS AGREE TO TEST THEIR SANITY AND WILL TO SURVIVE IN THE REMOTE SIBERIAN WILDERNESS FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN A LOT OF MONEY- Sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their backs, the contestants must try to survive this "last man/woman standing" endurance competition with no rules or help from producers or the outside world to win a big cash prize.

Leaders and followers emerge as the contestants’ survival is constantly threatened as they are faced with frightening events and unexpected situations that go horribly awry.

“Siberia” is an Infinity Films Production in association with Sierra/Engine Television and Welldone Productions. Executive producers are Michael Ohoven, Slava Jakovleff, and Chris Philip. The series was created by Matthew Arnold and is hosted by Jonathan Buckley.

"Siberia" will air on Monday nights at 10/e on NBC.

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