Dr. Who's Matt Smith and Eva Green star in romantic sci-fi tale Clone

Here's a story so weird and Oedipal that it may very well have been penned by Sigmund Freud. Just read the mind-bending synopsis for CLONE below and discover what I'm talking about:

Young Rebecca (Ruby O’Fee) and Tommy (Tristan Christopher) meet as children and strike up a friendship. There is an instant bond but all too soon Rebecca has to leave when her Mother gets a job in Tokyo. Fast-for­ward 12 years, and the grown-up Rebecca (Eva Green) returns to look for Tommy (Matt Smith). When she finds him, the mutual attrac­tion is still there but a tragic accident soon cuts short their budding romance.

Rather than accept that Tommy is gone, Rebecca decided to bring him back but the only way she can do it is to conceive and give birth to his genetic copy.

As Tommy grows up, the mother/son relationship grows increasingly complex. Rebecca tries to keep his origins secret but how long will she be able to hide the truth? Can she protect him from prejudice against ‘copies’? How will she explain away the confusing urges that Tommy doesn't understand? Chilling answers unravel as Rebecca deals with the consequences of her decision to never let go.

So, yeah, essentially it's about a woman who gives birth to the clone of her former flame, then has to raise him and watch as he becomes the man she used to love. This dude is going to have epic mommy issues!

CLONE is being released by Arrow Films and opens at cinemas on MAY 4th in the U.K. It then hits DVD and blu-ray on MAY 7th. That's a quick turnaround.

You can check out CLONE's official Facebook page right HERE, and give the trailer a look below.

Eva Green

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