Dracula brought back from the grave - again! Sony buys origin story pitch from Jason Keller

Can't keep the good Count down, it would seem. In fact, the bloodsucker is practically everywhere we turn nowadays!

Deadline.com is reporting that Sony has just purchased a DRACULA pitch from MIRROR, MIRROR scribe Jason Keller. Details aren't available, but it's a "period origin story" that Sony hopes will launch a franchise. Joe Roth and Palak Patel - who produced MIRROR, MIRROR's Snow White competition SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN - are producing the as-yet-untitled flick.

This new DRACULA project shouldn't be confused with DRACULA YEAR ZERO... or the DRACULA TV show NBC is launching... or HARKER, the revisionist take on the Dracula legend that could star Russell Crowe... or the VLAD THE IMPALER tale from director Anthony Mandler. And it most certainly is not to be confused with Dario Argento's sure-to-be-epic DRACULA 3D, which is still the most exciting of them all as far as I'm concerned. (Need proof?)

Ironically, Keller is already attached to another epic vampire-centric adaptation, THE PASSAGE, which - if it ever takes flight - will be directed by Matt Reeves.

More on this, and all other DRACULA projects, as the deets spew forth.

MIRROR, MIRROR star Lily Collins

Extra Tidbit: Between DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST each getting about five different new incarnations, it's no wonder people complain that there are no original ideas in Hollywood...
Source: Deadline.com



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