Dreamworks lands ghost story pitch from Independence Day 2 scribe

House on Haunted Hill

Dreamworks has their eyes set on the spirits of the dead as the studio recently snatched up an original ghost story pitch from Carter Blanchard, the scribe who most recently rewrote what is the shooting draft of INDEPENDENCE DAY 2, reports Deadline. What it’s called and what it will be about is still unknown, but the site is saying that the pitch is best described as a full on ghost story rooted in classic Amblin story telling. News is slow today, so just roll with it.

I’m not even entirely sure if this is something we should be excited about, but I like the idea of a classic ghost story; we don’t see enough of them anymore (good ones, anyway). Keep an eye here for more on this one as we get it!

Madhouse Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner will produce with partner Robyn Meisinger and Madhouse’s Ryan Cunningham serving as Executive Producers.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite ghost movie?
Source: Deadline



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