Drew Barrymore gets strange cravings in the Santa Clarita Diet trailer

Santa Clarita Diet Drew Barrymore Timothy Olyphant

A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that the upcoming Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, is a comedy that involves a zombie, the consumption of human flesh, and bloodshed. Since then, a pair of promos have been released that served as endorsements for the titular cannibalistic diet. Now the streaming service has released a trailer for the show that finally offers a look at actual footage from its episodes.

Created by Victor Fresco, Santa Clarita Diet tells the following story:

Joel and Sheila Hammond are realtors leading vaguely discontented lives in the L.A. suburb of Santa Clarita, until Sheila goes through a dramatic change sending both their lives down a road of death and destruction… but in a good way.

Barrymore and Olyphant's co-stars include Liv Hewson, Skyler Gisondo, Ricardo Chavira, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Richard T. Jones, with guest appearances by Nathan Fillion and Patton Oswalt.

I was on board to watch Santa Clarita Diet as soon as I heard the concept, but after watching the trailer I'm looking forward to it even more. It seems like it's going to be a lot of goofy, gross fun.

All 10 episodes of the show's first season will be available to view on Netflix as of February 3rd.

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