Drew Barrymore-produced Happy Camp gets an official poster

Even though the Drew Barrymore-produced found-footage horror flick HAPPY CAMP initially flew under our radar, we now have a close eye on it and today we got our hands on the film's official poster! The horror genre has been severely lacking on summer camp flicks over the years, so who knows, maybe HAPPY CAMP will be the first of many more to come! Once you're finished up with the poster below, click HERE for a look at the film's trailer.

Gravitas is giving HAPPY CAMP a VOD release on March 25th. Here's what it's about:

HAPPY CAMP tells the story of four filmmaker friends who visit the Northern California town of Happy Camp to film a documentary about the place where hundreds of people have gone missing from the surrounding mountains, including one of the pals’ younger siblings decades ago.

Josh Anthony not only wrote and directed the film but he also stars in it alongside Michael Barbuto, Anne Taylor, and Teddy Gilmore. Flower Films’ Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen, Chris Miller and Ember Truesdell are exec producers on the project, which Barbuto and Taylor wrote and produced with Anthony for Hogtown Productions.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite summer camp horror flick?
Source: IGN



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