Driller in the Head!

What do you get when you take a flick like ALIEN, and cross it with an equally awesome though on a totally different level flick like SLEEPAWAY CAMP? You get Jason Kartalian's DRILLER, that's what! We got a heads up from the camp behind the space alien monster flick, who had some important news to share, as DRILLER is making it's world premiere at the upcoming Another Hole in the Head Film Festival in sunny San Francisco!

Screening along with other upcoming horror flicks like AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION, ZOMBIE FARM and SIMON SAYS, DRILLER will be blasting the big screen on June 9th at midnight- Kartalian is stoked as hell about the fest, and even said I'm pleased to have such a supportive place to unveil the film. I've heard that the horror fans in San Francisco are really into Drilling and Killing. Don't make him a liar - check it out!

Kartalian was also cool enough to shoot a slew of new DRILLER images our way in preparation for the premiere, so scroll below and have a blast! For more on DRILLER, check out the flick's OFFICIAL SITE, or for more on 'Another Hole in the Head', hit their site up right HERE. DRILLER premiere's June 9th. Be there. Or die.

Source: AITH



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