Dwayne Johnson vs. kaiju movie Rampage gets a 2018 release date


It's been a while since we've heard any major news on RAMPAGE, a cinematic adaptation of the '80s video game that will see Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking on multiple giant monsters, but now we have a pretty solid confirmation that its home studio Warner Bros. is confident that it will be moving forward soon: they have announced a release date.

RAMPAGE is now scheduled to reach theatres on April 20, 2018, giving it a two week head start before it needs to compete for screens and viewers with AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

The film is a reunion for Johnson and his SAN ANDREAS director Brad Peyton, and the pair also brought SAN ANDREAS writer Carlton Cuse on board to work on the script with Ryan Condal. Cuse and Condal are both executive producers on the TV series Colony, and Condal has his own history with The Rock - he co-wrote that Brett Ratner HERCULES movie. The original draft of RAMPAGE was by Ryan Engle, one of the writers on the Liam Neeson vehicle NON-STOP.

In the video game this film is based on, 

three giant monsters destroy cities and national monuments. 

The Rock is going to put a stop to that, and we can watch him do it in about a year and a half.

San Andreas Dwayne Johnson Carla Gugino

Johnson and Carla Gugino in SAN ANDREAS

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