Dwight set to join Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Austin Amelio

For three seasons, Fear the Walking Dead existed as a standalone show that just happened to be set during the same zombie apocalypse as The Walking Dead. As of the fourth season, Fear was given an overhaul that turned it into a true "spin-off" now basically led by crossover character Morgan Jones (Lennie James), one of the least interesting characters they could have given a spin-off to. Now Fear is set to become even more tied to The Walking Dead in its upcoming fifth season, as Morgan is going to be joined by another cast member from Fear's companion series.

Proving that post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested America is a small place indeed, the scarred former Savior Dwight, played by Austin Amelio, will be crossing paths with Morgan again in Fear the Walking Dead season 5.

Introduced on The Walking Dead during that show's sixth season, Dwight was last seen in the season 8 finale, in which he was told to hit the road, leave the Washington D.C. area, and go find his long-missing wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista). Apparently this search for Sherry is going to take him right through the section of Texas that Morgan now inhabits.

In addition to James and Amelio, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will also star Jenna Elfman, Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace, and Alexa Nisenson, all playing characters who were introduced in season 4, along with pre-revamp Fear cast members Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, and Ruben Blades.

While it will be interesting to see Dwight again, I'm also bitter over how much Fear's identity has been altered and really hope Debnam-Carey, Domingo, Garcia, and Blades will be at the center of the new season rather than the newbies and the Walking Dead transplants.

Fear the Walking Dead had caught up with The Walking Dead's timeline in season 4, but The Walking Dead has since jumped roughly seven and a half years ahead of it.

AMC has not yet announced a premiere date for Fear the Walking Dead season 5, but it's coming sometime this year, between seasons of The Walking Dead.

Source: ComicBook



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