Early sales art for Monster Project pops up just in time for Cannes!

You guys ever hear about a flick called MONSTER PROJECT? This is the first time we're tapping this shite here at AITH and I've got to be honest... I'm pretty intrigued.

The project is coming at us from Movie Mogul Ltd. and Movie Mogul Managing Director John Shackleton, who will be directing, writing and producing MONSTER PROJECT. The company's Director of Operations Gareth I. Davies will also be producing alongside David Shillitoe. Mark Sandell is set to executive produce. The rundown on Shackleton's script reads a little something like this:

Described as a “cross-genre” film, Monster Project follows six teenagers who undergo a harrowing transformation into monsters, imbued with various abilities and ailments, and are forced to go on the run, fighting for their survival.

The director even had a bit to say about the film: “Lurking beneath a hugely fantastical movie premise, anchored in reality, is a universal story surrounding a group of alienated teenagers. I’m hoping that this film will have a little something for everyone.”

Like I said, intriguing right? Well with Cannes right around the corner Movie Mogul just released a brand new one-sheet to help pump this shite up and pump this shite up it has. You can go ahead and tap that new MONSTER PROJECT poster by scrolling on down below.

With Cannes right around the corner I'm sure we'll be seeing more updates on MONSTER PROJECT soon so be sure to check back for more on the project in the coming weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Movie Mogul’s first feature was last year's PANIC BUTTON, which starred Scarlett Alice Johnson (above).
Source: Cannes



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