Eli Roth to produce Casey La Scala's Amityville film 1974

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I hope you're not tired of movies based around the Amityville murders and the following claims of haunting and demonic activity just yet, because there still seems to be a whole lot of filmmakers who are fascinated by the stories and are intent on bringing their own take on the concepts to the screen. 

Next up is 1974, a project which I think is likely to get a title change along the way. Eli Roth (CABIN FEVER, HOSTEL, THE GREEN INFERNO) will be producing the Amityville-based thriller alongside Todd Garner for Broad Green Pictures.

1974 has been written and will be directed by Casey La Scala (THE REMAINING), who also served as a producer on Dimension's long-shelved AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING with Daniel Farrands. While La Scala prepares to return to Amityville with this project, Farrands is gearing up for his own return with THE HAUNTING ON LONG ISLAND: THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS.

If you know the details of the Amityville horrors, the title of 1974 likely tipped you off to the fact that La Scala's film will also be focusing on the murders that were committed in that infamous house. It is 

inspired by true events and recounts the fateful story of one family that’s “relentlessly stalked by a terrifying apparition intent upon slaughtering them all.”

I can't stir up much enthusiasm for anything Amityville at this point, but I wish the filmmakers of 1974 the best of luck. I hope it's good, and then I'll understand why they wanted to tell this story again.

1974 is expected to begin filming in September.

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